Roy Berger never lost his desire to be a professional baseball player. Sadly, his baseball dream was cut short by a lack of talent and a high school coach without the foresight to see the potential Berger had, relegating him to the bench. After years of playing catch with his sons or first base in the beer leagues, he thought his days of competing at a higher level were long gone. That is, until the ripe age of fifty-seven, when his dreams became a reality at fantasy baseball camp.

For those with the energy and the resources, fantasy baseball camp affords players an incredible opportunity: the chance to play baseball just like a major leaguer. Through Roy's experience, we go inside some of baseball's most hallowed halls and sacred spaces as he suits up, trains and plays in the same spots where greats like Roberto Clemente, Al Kaline and Derek Jeter have, culminating with playing at the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, beautiful PNC Park. So take a trip around the bases for four weeks over four years, as Berger becomes a Pittsburgh Pirate, Detroit Tiger, and a New York Yankee. He proves that anyone blessed with good health and the ability to write a check can do it, too.


About Fantasy Camp

If you think by the way you play today I’m going to sign you, please forget about it.” Clint Hurdle- Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates

"One of the important things for people with cancer is to try and do as much as you can for your morale and that defines fantasy baseball camp. I came here never knowing if I would be back again." Rev. John Zingaro, six-year fantasy camp veteran.

I love seeing guys with limited ability break their ass to live that major league dream.” Mike Torrez- pitcher, 185 game winner, 1977 World Champion New York Yankees.

Campers are big league in every way but one. You know the game, you respect the game but you don't have the talent of a major leaguer. The heart you have to want to play this game will more than make up for it.” Jerry "Rolls" Reuss-pitcher, 220 career wins, two time All-Star.

I guarantee I had more fun this week than you did.” Bill Virdon, outfielder, NL Rookie of the Year; AL & NL Manager of the Year; 1960 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates.

Let’s take our drubbing and go home.” Oscar Gamble, outfielder, 200 career home runs; wore the best Afro in major league history.

If I have the steal sign on, I will jump in the air and not come back down.” Mike 'Spanky' LaValliere, catcher, Gold Glove Award winner.

Start slow and taper off.” Jim Price, catcher, 1968 World Champion Detroit Tigers


About The Book

“Just finished the book and highly recommend it. It's very well done.” John Beran, 2013 camp rookie, Allison Park, Pa.

“I just read The Most Wonderful Week of the Year, from cover to cover, in one sitting. What a great tribute to MLB fantasy camps, the pros that complete the fantasy, and the baseball junkies who attend. I couldn't stop smiling as I read, remembering my experience at Pirates camp last year. It brought back some tremendous memories and makes me look forward to returning one year soon.” Bill Diamondstone, 2013 camp rookie, Malvern, Pa.


“The book captured the Fantasy Camp experience, both on the field and off the field. I was able to transplant myself back to camp and relive those special moments that all of us shared on the ball field living our childhood dream. The fantasy camp experience is truly a brotherhood and a special family that only those who experience it can truly appreciate regardless of whether you’re a Pirate, Tiger, or Yankee. I thoroughly enjoyed it!” Mike Dempsey, six time Yankees camp veteran, originally from Brooklyn, now living in Raleigh, NC.

“Got it. Read it, loved it. Great stuff. Very jealous. If nothing else, living vicariously through your exploits has been great!” Mark Epstein, never been to fantasy camp, Denver, Co.


“Thank you for sharing your dreams and memories with all of us who can never imagine the thrills you personally felt. I am truly jealous that you lived my dream of playing major league baseball. I truly enjoyed the book,” Dr. Richard Horowitz, wants to go to Yankees camp, Searsport, Me.


“It's so well written, very funny and made me feel like I was right there at camp. I think by the time my husband finishes the book, he will be starting a 'camp' fund! . He's a huge Red Sox and told me stories also about sneaking a transistor radio into school to listen to the Red Sox!

So many thoughts and memories the book brought back for me. I actually had been to Forbes Field several times probably in that '60-'64 time period. My dad would get 'box seats' to the Pirates. In my little 6-8 year old mind, I pictured these big refrigerator size boxes sitting on the side of the field with big square holes cut for you to see through, and a chair inside the box. Maybe 5 boxes were lined up on the sidelines - these were the 'box seats'. I was pretty surprised the first time I got to go to a game and we were in box seats behind the dugout!! I remember many of the old-time Pirates names that you mentioned.” Janet Kennedy, formerly of Pittsburgh, now living in Clearwater, Fl.

“I love it and you have captured the heart of every camper and future camper. This book speaks for all of us who still has the little boy inside and the aching body on the outside but thinks they can still do it. I feel like I am there all over again. Best weeks of my life!” Eddie Miles, six year fantasy camp veteran, Monroe, NY.

“It's a wonderful book, I just loved it. Makes me wish I was going back to camp in January but the week is already sold out.” Dr. Jay Petruska, 2013 camp rookie, Gastonia, NC.


Living The Dream: The epitome of fantasy camp: Making contact on an 'El Duque' Hernandez fastball with my image on the centerfield scoreboard at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

The gorgeous surroundings of PNC Park in Pittsburgh as I wait very impatiently in the on-deck circle.




A portion of the proceeds of all books sold through this site will be donated to:

Greater Birmingham Humane Society (in honor of Ibis).

HIP - a foundation providing direct personal assistance for cancer patients (in honor of Adam Cohen).

National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Alabama Chapter (in honor of Andi Berger).


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